HD 5870 with 1024 and 2048 MiB VRAM

The day before yesterday we revealed the specifications of the HD 5870. Those also contained 1600 stream processors, 80 TMUs and 32 ROPs, and with that, definitely twice of the HD 4850/4870/4890. This also leaves a mark on the transistor budget of the chips, which is now twice as high with 2.15 Billion circuits. Despite the 40 nm technique the chip size amounts 338 mm², so the chip is the second-biggest AMD chip after the R600.
.HD 4870HD 4890HD 5850HD 5870
Technique55 nanometres55 nanometres40 nanometres40 nanometres
Transistors0,96 Billion0,96 Billion2,15 Billion2,15 Billion
Chip size260 mm²282 mm²338 mm²338 mm²
Chip frequency750 MHz850 MHz725 MHz850 MHz
Memory frequency900 MHz975 MHz1000 MHz1200 MHz
Stream processors80080014401600
Shader performance1200 Gigaflops1360 Gigaflops2088 Gigaflops2720 Gigaflops
Texel fill rate30.000 MT/s34.000 MT/s52.200 MT/s68.000 MT/s
Pixel fill rate12.000 MP/s13.600 MP/s23.200 MP/s27.200 MP/s
Memory interface256 Bit GDDR5256 Bit GDDR5256 Bit GDDR5256 Bit GDDR5
Memory bandwidth115,2 GB/s124,8 GB/s128,0 GB/s153,6 GB/s
Prices--$299$399 (1024M)
$449 (2048M)

As we could learn now, the HD 5870 will appear in several versions, one with 1024 and another with 2048 MiB texture memory, although it is still uncertain through the loss of official benchmarks if the bigger memory adds up at all. The doubled memory will result in 50 USD more in price. This means for the HD 5870 with 1024 MiB texture memory still to be at 399 USD, while you just find a < 400 USD on AMD's newest documents, so 449 USD for the 2048 MiB version.
ATI Radeon HD 5870 (4 Bilder)
ATI Radeon HD 5870
The interesting thing is, that, against our last report, the HD 5870 with 1024 MiB will not work with 825/1300 MHz, but with 850/1200 MHz. If this follows a small last-minute alternation or if the 825/1300 MHz are meant to be from the 2048 MiB version, we will not know until the launch day, which will still be September 23. The performance of the HD 5870 should not experience any major changes.

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