Tableau TACC1441 Hardware Accelerator
Part #: TACC1441i (internal)
젨젨젨젨젨쟕ACC1441e (external)
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One Year Warranty

The TAC1441 Hardware Accelerator is the latest innovation by Tableau. "Designed to accelerate the dictionary-based attacks of leading password recovery applications such as AccessData's Password Recovery Toolkit (PRTK) and Distributed Network Attack (DNA)", the TAC1441 actually increases decryption up to 60 times that of non-accelerated systems.
The TACC1441 comes in two varieties: internal (TACC1441i) and external (TACC1441e). The external TACC1441 includes: a TP2 power supply, a TC7-9-9 FireWire cable, a TCA7-4-9 FireWire adapter and a TCA7-6-9 FireWire adapter.
Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based hardware
The TACC1441 is massively parallel and re-configurable; (i.e.) the TACC1441 uses many processors simultaneously to attack password protected or encrypted files. The TACC1441 can re-configure itself based on the type of password problem being passed to it from PRTK or DNA. The Firmware for the TACC1441 is updatable in the field like other Tableau products.
Internal or external mounting
  • Built in to forensic workstations
  • Built in to server racks
  • Standalone portable unit (Table-top, fully enclosed & ventilated)
Current Decryption Support
  • WinZip9
  • WinRAR
  • PGP Disk v4
  • PGP Disk v6 AES256
  • PGP Disk v6 Cast 128
  • PGP Message SHA-1
Benchmark Performance Testing
Single TACC solutions: 6x to 30x performance gains
Export License Requirements
TACC1441 has been classified as a cryptanalytic product by the US Dept of Commerce and National Security Agency. Export restrictions apply.
For Single Installations with current PRTK/DNA License

TACC1441i (internal) for existing Access Data PRTK or DNA installations
MSRP: $4,245.00
Forensic Computers, Inc.: $3,820.00

TACC1441e (external) for existing Access Data PRTK
or DNA installations
Includes a Pelican 1450 case
MSRP: $4,245.00
Forensic Computers, Inc.: $3,820.00
For Single Installations without PRTK/DNA License

TACC1441i with purchase of Access Data PRTK license
+ (PRTK) $595.00

TACC1441i with purchase of Access Data DNA-50 client license
+ (DNA-50) $1,495