Creating A5/1 Rainbow Tables

The Time/Memory Tradeoff framework is still in its early stage of development. It has been started in early 2009 and now reached basic architectural stability.

The attack on the A5/1 is a reimplementation of the attack by THC, which was done in early 2008. Our approach differs slightly, as we use more common hardware to generate the tables, namely graphics cards with GPGPU capability and attempt to build a distributed infrastructure of nodes where each node donates both a small portion of diskspace for a part of the table and some kind of fast hardware for the generation of and lookup in its own table. We also took this project as a motivation to design and code a general purpose TMTO library. The attack itself is still the same and we owe THC much for their pioneering work. Also take a look at http://airprobe.org for information and software on the sniffing of GSM data.


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