IBM, Power 7 Processor

IBM announced Power7 processor at the Hot Chips 21.
45-nm process, up to eight cores supporting 32 threads, 32-way server can be used to collect the 256 cores with 1024 threads. 32MB eDRAM cache, dual 4-channel DDR3 memory controller, memory bandwidth of 300GB / s or higher.
Insight64 analyst, Nathan Brookwood explained power 7 is one of the fastest CPU, and some items would exceed the Intel nehalremeul.
Power 7 is scheduled to be released officially next year.

IBM, "POWER7: IBM's Next Generation POWER Microprocessor", Hot Chips 21, Stanford Univ.
Power7 Spec. : 45nm, 8 cores, 32 threads, 32MB eDRAM cache, dual 4 channel DDR3, 300 GB/s Memory bandwidth.


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